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Concrete Canoe Race

Concrete Canoe Race


This year, the Concrete Canoe Committee is bigger and better than ever! The team of twelve competitive and enthusiastic Building and Structural engineering students will be representing U-BASE at the national Concrete Canoe Race. This year the aim is to make two canoes, one aesthetically pleasing sturdy canoe and one lightweight canoe (that is still fairly sturdy).

They will work together towards this goal with Andres Vallejos as Chief of Manufacturing, Archana Santosh in charge of Logistics, Firas Omari, Joaquin Bilboa, and Shirley Feng as co-Chiefs of Design. Jurre Knijff in the role of Structural Engineer, Matt Church in charge of Transportation, Ola Åsbø as the Treasurer, Soley Hjorvarsdottir and Thijs Schuiling managing the External Relations, Maria Felicita as trusted QQ, and Lisa van Iperen as Chairman.

The team looks forward to proving once again that concrete can float and can even be lightweight! At the end of May, you can cheer them on during the races in Utrecht!

To contact us, please send a mail to


  • Lisa van Iperen


  • Ola Åsbø


  • Archana Santosh

    Internal Affairs

  • Sóley Hjörvarsdóttir

    External Affairs

  • Thijs Schuiling

    External Affairs

  • Jurre Knijff

    Structural Engineer

  • Andrés Vallejos Balladares

    Manufacturing Chief

  • Matthew Church

    Transportation Frame

  • Firas Omari

    Design Chief

  • Joaquin Andres Bilbao Nieva

    Design Chief

  • Shirley Feng

    Design Chief

  • Maria Felicita

    Qualitate Qua

  • Joep Knuppe