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The Media Committee is a rather new committee which started last year with the aim to capture all the great moments that happen during all U-BASE activities. With a successful last year, the committee this year aims to improve on it by adding a bit more structure in the organization. We strive to capture both pictures and videos during all the wonderful U-BASE events, after which we sort them and process them for you all to view and cherish all the good memories. As the committee, we are Rozemarijn Veenstra, Utkarish Jaiswal, Joan Mas Soldevilla, Karthikeyan Saravankumar and Siddhesh Rajadhyaksha as the QQ. The structure of the committee is quite flexible and all the members capable of both tasks of taking pictures and editing them. So, watch out for the U-BASE paparazzi at the events and make sure to strike a smile or a funny expression and get a chance to be a member of the month!


  • Joan Mas

  • Rozemarijn Veenstra

  • Utkarsh Jaiswal

  • Karthikeyan Saravankumar

  • Siddhesh Rajadhyaksha

  • Cristina Román