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The U-Profiel committee aims at bringing its readers exciting information regarding the noteworthy happenings in the world of civil engineering from around the globe by publishing three editions of its iconic “U-Profiel” magazine every academic year. The magazine also aims at highlighting the work of other committees of the U-BASE, providing insight about various events organised by them and their accomplishments.

This year’s committee is a perfect blend of experience and exuberance. The committee consists of twelve members, with Michael Lee continuing as the chairman of the committee and Krishna Pillai as the secretary and editor. Siddhesh Rajadhyaksha is continuing with the committee as a Qualitate Qua (QQ) this year and is also part of the “design” sub-committee. New members Rohan Remigius and Ganesh Shri Raam Senthil Kumar join him, and veterans Joris Welles and Berber Renckens as designers and editors. Rohan and Joris are principle designers within the sub-committee. Writers and editors further include Arjun Raghavan, Aditya Vidwans, Ajlal Arif, Lee Theres Mathew and Paul Mako. Aditya Vidwans, Ajlal Arif and Berber Renckens will discontinue the committee after the first edition and will pass on the responsibilities to the new members.


  • Rohan Remigius

  • Ganesh Shri Raam Kalaichelvi Senthil Kumar

  • Joris Welles

  • Arjun Ragahavan

  • Krishna Ajithkumar Pillai

  • Lee Theres Mathew

  • Paul Mako

  • Siddhesh Rajadhyaksha

  • Michael Lee

  • Victor Ghering