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Civil Engineering
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Dutch, English


Structural health monitoring is of great importance for the application of innovative FRP structures, to gain insight in long-term material behaviour. Fiber Bragg grating (FBG) sensors have been proved to be suitable for strain measurements in structures. In practice, the strain measured by the FBG differs from the strain experienced in the host material. The relation between these is defined as strain transfer ratio.

For the bio-based bridge in Ritsumasyl, a monitorings system has been installed including FBG sensors. However, the bio-based nature, the anisotropy of the laminates and the different ply stack of each laminate are some of the factors that make it difficult to define the strain transfer ratio for each sensor.

A combination of analytical and numerical approach supported by experimental work is necessary in order to examine and define the strain transfer ratio with respect to the aforementioned factors. This study will add value to the existing monitoring system and will deepen our understanding for the use of FBG sensors in FRP applications.


  • Wang, Zhongyu & Li, Hongyang & Zhang, Li& Xue, Jingfeng. (2018). Strain Transfer
    Characteristic of a Fiber Bragg Grating Sensor
    Bonded to the Surface of Carbon Fiber
    Reinforced Polymer Laminates. Applied Sciences. 8. 1171. 10.3390/app8071171

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