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End of the year Beer Tasting

End of the year Beer Tasting
Presented byBoard 5
LocationOutside in the sun and online!
DateFriday, July 3, 2020

We have one event left in store for you. Sadly, we had to cancel most of our events that we had planned for the rest of the year. But hold my beer, we are shaking one final event out of our sleeves as board 5! At the last day of the exam week, we would like to celebrate our well-deserved freedom together with you! Come join the first ever “U-BASE - end of the year - beer tasting”!

What are we going to do?

We will provide a much needed relieve after the last exam week of this crazy year. We will do that by selecting a couple of “Speciaal bieren” [specialty/Belgian beers] for you, which you can order through this form. A couple of days in advance you will be able to pick them up near the train station in Delft. 

We will set up a chat room so you can talk with your fellow U-BASE friends. Complain about the exams, have a nice chat or ask your friends about their holiday plans. 

The labels from the beers will be removed. We will tell you the full origin story of the beer you will be about to taste, together with the funniest facts you’ve ever heard in your life! Then based on all the info and tips you will gather, you can guess it’s brand and the name for bonus points. The one with the most points at the end of the tasting will win an exclusive prize! That is of course only if you’re sober enough to actually send in the answers. 

What are you going to do? 

Subscribe to this event and order a package of beer. You can also enroll for the event and not order beer but just join us in the chatroom. A couple of days before the event, you can pick up your beers and some snacks at Dennis’ place near the train station in Delft. 

On the last Friday after the last exams you can gather with a small group of your U-BASE friends, committee or roommates and chill out. It is allowed to gather outside, with 1,5 meter distance between each other and enjoy the last day of the last quarter with your beers in the sun. Obviously you can also join the event alone if you don’t want to meet up. Additionally, you can learn a lot about Speciaalbier!

You can off course also join the event if you do not want to drink, and just join the chatroom. For members that are currently not in Delft, you can also join and take care of your own local beers and tell us something about them!


Lage Landen special - 5 beers, €5 
This package has well-known Dutch and Belgian speciaalbieren. We selected 3 classics, but also 2 interesting beers that you probably wouldn’t order that quickly. So if you like the classics or are not familiar with the speciaalbieren we have here in The Netherlands, this is the package to go. 

Summer Fresh assorti - 5 beers, €5 
This package is assembled for really nice summer weather! We selected Fresh, light and fruity beers from this season, which include 2 white beers and 2 IPA’s. So if you’re experiencing summer vibes, pick this package. In case of bad weather; put on your swimsuit, sunglasses and crank up the heater. 

Laffe Borrelaar selection, for the small drinkers - 3 beers, €3
The last package is for the light drinkers under us. As we all know 5 speciaalbieren can leave you pretty tipsy. That’s why we selected this last package, which consists of a light Weizener, a Classic Belgian and a strong Belgian speciaalbier. 

If you want, you can also share a package with one or multiple people. In that case let one person subscribe for a package that is will (most likely) pick up the beers. The rest subscribes without a package! 

Practical info:

  • Friday the 3th of July, the last day of the quarter
  • We will start after the resit of Steel 3 at 15:30
  • Make sure you have your dinner ready since we will take a while to finish the 5 beers! 
  • For the quick drinkers make sure you have enough pils (or sodas) for in between. 
  • Pickup at July 1st and 2nd.
  • Money will be automatically debited, so don’t worry about paying. 

A mail will be sent with all the details, the address of the pickup point and the exact time slots you can pick up your beers. 

Terms and conditions

  • If you meet up with a SMALL group of friends, make sure you can manage the 1,5 meter distance and follow the rules set by the Dutch government. 
  • The money will be automatically debited from your bank account. You can only join if you have signed a mandate with us. 
  • If you have ordered a beer package, you will be able to cancel up until Thursday July 2nd. After that you will have to pay the package. 
  • Beers will have to be picked up during the given time slots. Sadly, we cannot deliver your beer. 
  • You will not have the right for a refund if you ordered a package but did not pick it up. 
  • Enrollments and cancellation close one week before the event on the 26th of june. 

Good luck with your exams, stay safe and we hope to see you all on the last day of the year. 

Kisses Board 5!